Details of Company / 公司的详细信息

    1. Company Name / 公司名字:

    2. Business activities / 业务范围 (maximum 2 / 最多2个):

    Primary / 主营业务

    Secondary / 副营业务

    ** Please refer this website for Activity search / 请参考此网站进行业务搜索:

    3. Directors / 董事信息:

    Director 1 (Local/PR) / 本地董事一 *

    Director 2 / 董事二

    Director 3 / 董事三

    Director 4 / 董事四

    ** Mandatory to have at least 1 Singapore Citizen or P.R. to act as Resident Director in the Company / 必须有至少一名新加坡公民或新加坡永久居民在公司担任本地董事

    ** If have more than 4 directors, please add paper to list down all the director’s information as requested / 如果有超过 4 名董事,请按要求添加文件以列出所有董事信息

    4. Qualified secretary / 授权秘书

    Representative from TASSURE / 选择实信公司会计师担任秘书

    Or if others please specify to us / 如果是其他秘书请确认给我们

    5a. Share Structure in the company / 股份结构

    * 1 It is advised to be $1 per share and the shares issued are the same number as paid up shares. / 建议最简单的方式:股份发行数量和钱数一样,每一股一块钱新币。

    5b. Shareholders details and shareholdings / 股东信息和股份分配

    Shareholder 1 / 股东一

    Shareholder 2 / 股东二

    Shareholder 3 / 股东三

    Shareholder 4 / 股东四

    ** It is advised to be $1 per share and the shares issued are the same number as paid up shares. / 股份发行数量和钱数一样,每一股一块钱新币。

    6. Registered address / 公司注册地址:


    10 Anson Road #12-08 International Plaza Singapore 079903
    10 安森路, #12-08, 凯联大厦, 新加坡邮区 079903

    ** Our annual fee for registered address and mailing address is $300 per annum. / 我们的注册地址和邮寄地址的年费为每年 300 新币。

    7. Financial Year / 财政年度

    Kindly confirm the Financial Year End (FYE) for the company / 请提供财政年


    * It is advised for the company’s first financial year to be as close as 12 months. / 建议公司的第一个财政年度是接近 12 个月。

    * There may be requirements for the financial year of a subsidiary company to coincide with its holding company and for group reporting purposes. / 为了便于集团做报告,子公司的财政年度可能需要与其控股公司的财务年度一致。

    8. Please provide all below supporting documents / 请提供以下所有相关文件

    1. Copy of NRIC, Passport and Residential address proof (any one utility bill or bank statement or any government letter which dated within latest 3 months) for all director(s) and shareholder(s)
      提供所有董事和股东的身份证, 护照的复印件和一张日期是近三个月内的住址证明单子 (如水电单,银行单或政府信件等能看到名字和住址和日期的一份文件)

    2. For Corporate Shareholder, please provide company Bizfile, Constitution, Latest Report and Company Representative

    Upload your documents here, zip them into 1 single zip file if you have more than 1 file / 请在此处上传您的文件。如果您有多个文件,将其压缩为1个单独的 zip 文件。

    .pdf or .zip files only, maximum 20MB / .pdf 或 .zip 文件,最大20MB

    By completing this form, you agree that TASSURE GROUP will manage your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Pretection Act 2012("The Act") and our data protection policy. / 填写此表格,即表示您同意实信集团将根据 2012 年个人数据保护法(“The Act”)和我们的数据保护政策维护您的个人资料